Tales and Yarns

Forgetful .........Or Not ?

Author:  Justme


A Newfie mother and her adult daughter was visiting and chating one day...   The daughter started telling her mom a little story about something that had happened .    Towards the end of the story , the daughter said ..I can't remember  exactly where this happened....I forget more than I remember these days.....The mom, being very serious said,"  I don't forget anything then, only the other day , there was something , I can't remember what now.........Well of course at that poing the daughter started to laugh so hard she nearly peed her pants..the mom was looking at her and saying ."what?  Whats so funny?  Finally the daughter stopped laughing  long enough to tell her mom, what she had just said..well.....the two laughed until they cried.....   This is a true story, it happened about 10 years ago.I know for sure , because I am that daughter......  Maybe you had to be there.but I can tell you , I was there and  my mom was so serious  while she was saying this......It really was so very funny .  The thing is...my mom did have a great memory for detail etc..still do  most of the time...(She is now in her seventies)......Every once in awhile  either her or I will mention this and yes, you guessed it, we still get a laugh out of it.

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