Tales and Yarns


Author:  justme

This story that I am about to tell you is true...........It happened about 6-7 years ago.    I went to a U-Haul location with a friend of mine.   He was  going to rent a U-Haul  trailor.    Prior to renting the trailor he had realized that the  hitch(I think it was a hitch)  on the trailor was a different size than the ball on  the  hitch on his truck.   So whiler we were standing at the counter  waiting , while the young man assisting us , was filling out the paper work.   My friend was thinking about how he wanted to buy a different size ball  for his truck...so he said to the young man, "What size balls do you have"?(  Or maybe it was, "how much are your balls?)    I am not sure now, just exactly what it was that was said.    I had to force myself to stand there , at that counter , and not lose it.....I started laughing so hard...well I had to look down at the floor, then look for something in my purse.....(well pretend to look for something)  just so I wouldn't  lose it altogether...... When we got outside and alone.I told my friend what he had said......well he was real dry and said ."Get your mind outta the gutter, I only asked him what I need to know."  He didn't even laugh at it , but me, well I still get a chuckle outta it from time to time. 


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